Hi, everyone! Thank you for coming to see this little store of mine. My name is Tum (Aka. Tumtist), a sculptor and artist from Thailand with a passion in toys and statue to the point that I’m obsessed and addicted with making ones.

From passion to expertise, here I'm following my own dream to make my own statues to present to the world.
I'm currently focusing on a dinosaur’s line while planning to make some sci-fi monster’s line as well.

Every single statue is handcrafted by myself, so I can guarantee that you'll definitely get the same quality as the one taken in a promotional photoshoot. So far, my works include some of the finest line of Dinosaur Statue consisting of Spinosaurus, Baby Raptor, and Mosasaurs. If you like my work and want to keep in touch, don’t forget to subscribe and follow up with my progress at https://www.facebook.com/9Modelism/.